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"Look forward to meet your Self, play with Yoga,
feel the energy flow and breathe with awareness.

"Consciously be aware of the moment between the expansion and contraction of the tissue. Sense this space, breathe into this space and the pattern will transform."

Eleanora Lipton from Atlanta (USA)

Mark Weiland from WEILAND-WISSEN about the Intuitive Yoga Retreat:

"When I was asked to do the shooting of the Intuitive Yoga Retreat on the island Schwanenwerder in Berlin, I had to confess, that I never tried a yoga posture in my life before. And I didn't have time to try it out during the production either. But I could feel the effect in the group and how the participants interacted with me.

There was so much warmth and empathy and it was growing more and more. How could that be possible? They were only practicing yoga ... The participants were breathing into their tight spaces, opened up to their inner process and began to build a deeper relationship with their own body. Even though I was exhausted from my work, I was filled with the atmosphere and harmony at the same time.

During the post-production I became aware that there will be no perfect yoga studio atmosphere. Instead, we are proud to present a product that is authentic and inspiring and will bring you into the here and now."


That's what makes the Intuitive Yoga Online Retreat so special.



conscious movement – conscious meditation – conscious breath


As a Yoga Participant                As a Yoga Teacher                As a Therapist

You meet a wonderful group of like minded people under the guidance of a beautiful teacher, who teaches intuitively, playfully and passionately.

When watching the videos, you feel as if you were part of the yoga retreat, in nature, by the lake and surrounded by majestic ancient trees. With these videos you bring the summer to your yoga mat, whether in the room, on the veranda or in your garden.

When practicing the exercises, your stress level decreases, you feel more relaxed and become more conscious of your body posture, which brings you in touch with your inner strength. Your muscles get toned and you will be fit and active. Your flexibility increases dramatically and your concentration level improves.

You learn to listen to your body and energy flow. You notice your inner space and become consciously aware of your innate stillness. The meditation techniques, breathing techniques and exercises help you to find your inner balance.

You experience well known and trusted exercises in a new way. Intuitive Yoga allows you to be playful with asanas that correspond to the elements of ether, air, fire, water and earth.

You experience healing of body, mind and spirit and will have your own individual spiritual “Aha’s”.

The five-element-breathing techniques can be incorporated into any session, to support, stabilize and balance a client.

Intuitive Yoga includes Hatha Yoga, Polarity-Yoga, Meditation and the Universal Principles as taught in Polarity, whether through the breath or exercises. As a teacher you can integrate Intuitive Yoga into your existing Yoga courses playfully and with ease.

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The Live Recording of the Intuitive Yoga Retreat with Eleanora Lipton as an Online-Video-Course. There are many hours to practice, meditate, learn and experiment. The course is divided into 30 Videos and structured into different groups and themes. This way it is easy for you to navigate your way through the various videos. Depending on your interest and priorities you can choose and combine them to your heart’s content.

The Intuitive Yoga Online Retreat is held in two languages and translated simultaneously. (Englisch – German)



Dagmar Schwentker

Board Member, PVD

"When you travel far enough, you will finally meet
Captain Picard of the „Enterprise“

"The place itself was already enough to open our hearts. The morning meditations lead by Eleanora added to that. During the Intuitive Yoga-Retreat she opened numerous possibilities to be with our body in gentle and loving ways. I was very impressed and found it helpful to dissolve a blockage or pain through mindful inhalations and exhalations.

For me, my trip to Berlin turned out to become a very deep journey. Through my own painful process, I was able to apply a lot of things I learned in these days. Today I can say: I finally met myself!“


Deep Gratitude
Gisela Kissing
Vorstand PVD

“I experience Intuitive Yoga (IY) as an embodiment of Polarity Therapy. Eleanora’s humility touched me deeply. I experience a woman, who practices the polarity principles in such a holistic way in so many situations in her life.
And she stays human, bound to the polarity of life experiences. “Intuitive Yoga and Polarity are my life”, she is telling me. I experience joy and deep gratitude and a deep connection to her and her spirit.”


The Language of the Heart
Binds Everyone Together
Manuela Brämer

"I got into touch with all my elements, with my body and my soul. My shoulder blockage and also the
blockage in my back went away. I carry the memories of these beautiful days at Berlin Wannsee as a treasure in my heart. They will stay with me always, they were simply so extraordinary and dear. NO matter where people live on this planet, the language of the heart binds everyone together“


Very Satisfied
Gunilla Carlberg from Sweden

"Eleanora is a great teacher and very inspiring.
The days in Berlin was a place to catch energy and inspiration, a space to meet new friends and build networks."


Christine Elfi Uhlemann
Board Member, PVD

"The Yoga-Retreat was a real win for me personally and for my own classes. I really liked the community spirit and I felt very comfortable. The venue - pure nature – was perfect."


Personal Gain
Steffi Flux

“For me, Intuitive Yoga is a way to the center, to myself, to more balance and health on every level. Everything is energy and can be transformed and manifested by breathing. Intuitive Yoga is attention in action... new every day, again and again, with spiritual discipline and the confidence that all is one; chaos and structure, shadow and light, endings and new beginnings. I’ve gotten in touch with my own womanly power. The course was absolutely enriching and made me thirsty for more.”


"I got inside my joints and could sense how they opened up and witnessed a distinct increase in my mobility.”“


Unforgettable Days
Andrea Maria Schollmayer

"Eleanora really gave us lots of tips, exercises, wisdom and meditations for our journey. She is also a wonderful spiritual teacher. I’m so grateful to you all.“


"Important for me was Eleanora’s invitation to stay in a particular pose, that was meaningful to us, long enough, until an emotion would come up and ignite a healing process. I particularly got in touch with some air/earth exercises. We had sunny and in depth Intuitive Yoga days and a refreshing Eleanora full of heart. I felt 5 years younger afterwards. It was so beautiful.”“


With Gratitude, that comes from the Heart
Birgit Brever
Board Member, PVD

"Everything that happened was placed in the bigger picture and connected to the divine spark inside us, with one goal in mind, to realize the evolution of our soul in this world. – With our body as an indicator with its energies and reactions – as, according to Eleanora: „The body never lies“.


Soft and Palyful
Gabriele Gack-Thomas
Board Member, PVD

"Even though the method of yoga I learned in a beginner’s class before was pretty strict, Eleanora’s approach is soft and playful and inspires me. „Back up“, if it’s too difficult. „Find the opening in every human being”, she calls it another time. (Hm, this is also the way in Polarity!)"

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The Team

Naturopath and Founder of Polarity



„Energy is the real substance behind matter and visible form."

"Health is not merely of the body, it is the unity of all life."

"It is the energy in matter, which brings matter alive."

"... any exercise is good which keeps the shoulders free and movable, and assists in respiration and digestion."

„Health is not just a question of physical fitness, but the ability of the soul,
to express itself through the body and mind of a human being. Such a person radiates
peace and happiness and everyone in his/her presence will automatically feel happy and content.”


The Yoga Teacher Eleanora Lipton (USA)

In the Past
Long long time ago…my life journey began with my first yoga class in 1973. Something deep clicked inside of me.

I could feel my body in a new and richer way. Over time and years of practice, accompanied by spiritual practices of meditation and study, I could feel the direction of my life changing in a way that slowly began to make more sense.

The different parts of me were pulling me in different directions, i.e., continue pursuing my dance career and keep struggling to effect environmental politics OR follow all my studies in health and healing.

My Journey
I chose the path that felt to be the most positive for my body, heart and soul. This all came together when I began Polarity Therapy in 1980. I knew I had found a large enough basket in which I could put all I'd developed and more.

I know the path of healing is profoundly needed in the world and in my life.

Following the shocking death of my fiancé in 2000, I was faced with putting my work to the test more than ever. I could barely do yoga due to the flood of emotions that would arise out of my body and into my awareness. And what a profound proving to myself of the power of yoga. This was not easy.

I knew then on a whole new level, how yoga cleanses and clears the body/mind on every level. When the mind and emotions get clear, the body is free. I experienced an incredible emptiness, in a strange yet comfortable way. Over time i felt lighter and lighter, I think this whole process began to open my Light body. My energy was surprisingly strong and life began to turn around for the better.

Now, 2016, the journey simply continues and feels more pressing than ever. Life is always about riding the waves. The stronger the surfboard of support and knowledge, the better we ride! Based on my personal experience, and working with so many people over the years and to this day…..I truly know the power of polarity therapy in all its forms.

Intuitive Yoga just hit me as the true expression of energy principles in movement, breath, and meditation.

Teaching others deepens me. Teaching others helps them discover a wider range of possibility in their body and awareness. And, in turn, they help their students and clients. This process truly empowers others to follow their own path.​



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